Well my Diamond did come back with a few responses

But i told him that i have bills to pay and I cant be losing money at the end of the month. Honestly i thought that i failed in the business till i found out home much money was made by tapes and seminars. I understand you have to spend money to make money and how to get 3000 dollars fast. I never seen any distributor make money unless they are on the stage speaking. I’ve started a few juice bars in town two years back….and spent some money but i’ve eventually gotten a profit after a few months. In VTL nobody ever seems to be in the profit and always in the negative.

So are you saying that they may have been receiving some kind of cash payment from the Company for every person in their downline that attended? Hmmm…that never occurred to me…do you know if this has actually ever happended before within other ExtLoans VTLs (best in long term)?

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  1. Another thing the NWTW tells people at the trainings in response to complaints about not having money to “do the plan”, is that they tell you to “find the money any way you can” and “If it isn’t nailed down, SELL IT!” No kidding!! They actually tell people to sell their personal belongings at garage sales and that “if you are serious about the business you would find the money somehow!” They even send out tons of voicemail messages all the time bragging whenever they were able to get someone to cash in stock, take out money from their 401(k), take a second mortgage out on their house or even sell their home! It’s absolutely pathetic!! And my company voice mail box (one of the required 3) would get full every single day from all of the voicemail messages my upline would send out to their downline to persuade you into doing more and more and more! They even get the brand new recruits on the phone to show how excited they are about the business (not knowing what they were getting into, of course) with the idea that it would get everybody else excited and out there doing more!! I could never even get messages from anyone else because they would fill up the mailboxes all day, everyday!! And of course, you have to pay every time someone leaves a message as well as every time you retrieve one!

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