Received the official offer letter today

A few (good) surprises:
1. The hiring VP called this morning and told DH to come and start on August 1 vs August 5. Reason? Because medical benefits would then start in 90 days, whereas if he started on August 5, medical wouldn’t start until 120 days out. So that was really nice of them, and bodes well for the future, I think.
2. Wages are paid out semi-monthly. Although I don’t know the exact dates, what that means is getting paid twice a month, versus every two weeks. You’d think that would be a bad thing, but instead, it works out so that the checks are only about $500 less a check than what we were getting before at the old place. This is really a huge relief. It means careful budgeting, but not so careful that a hiccup would turn into a major cough.
And what that really translates to, is building up our BEF quickly, then building up a stockpile of cash, and then once it reaches a certain amount (for example, equal to a debt) paying off the debt in 1 fell swoop.
I’m too gun-shy after this unemployment to just put money toward a debt without having it in the bank first…so I am hoping I can be mindful of the $, and not spend it wildly. If I see we are not being prudent, then I will just go back to normal debt snowball.