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Most insurance co are trying to get out of FL. State Farm dropped ocean front years ago–my own sf agent couldn’t insure his own house. we are already on a high deductible–state law and also a “storm” deductible of 5% of the value of the house. We’ve taken steps to stop the possibility flood waters to come into the house, but only time will tell. we’ve been here 21+ years and haven’t had a problem even when we got 18″ rain in 24 hrs.

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I’ll second the notion this doesn’t just impact folks near the coast. We’ve seen a lot of noise on this here too, because the PNW has so many major rivers going through metro areas which are prone to floods in the winter. Not only are the floodmaps being redrawn, which is an issue in and of itself, but we have seen a new issue out here and I’ll bet others have seen it as well. As Suburbia pushes out into new areas, and clears off more land for more houses, the flooding pattern of downstream creeks and rivers is changing dramatically. In short, flooding is getting worse for many communities downstream of new residential development. There are several lawsuits pending here because multi-million dollar damages occurred to communities (both rural and suburban) during flood events which in previous years would not have caused so much damage, thanks to land-clearing activity upstream. It’s a huge problem and only going to get more pronounced. So for the folks here, the flood maps are being redrawn not merely because of new geological information, but also because properties which were above historical flood levels are now being impacted.
We personally are only peripherally involved in this issue. Our main property is perched up on a ridgeline that sits 500ASL and is well above the valley floor. But our rental property, and the farm we’ve talked about buying, are only 30’ ASL and behind a dike that contains the nearby river. While the current property owner has never seen it flood (and he’s been there 50 years), I myself saw floodwaters come up to being level with the top of the dike, two years ago. That was a long, LONG night watching that river crest. Had it breached the dike, that land would have turned into a big lake and production that next year would have been for nothing other than tadpoles. So while our house is in good shape, this is an issue we also take pretty seriously. I’d suggest folks contact their county planning dept and see where the NEW floodplain lines have been drawn in their areas. Mo’ info, mo’ betta’.