We are cautiously optimistic

An offer was extended to DH late yesterday afternoon which he accepted. It is a 60 mile a day commute, and it is not what he was making before, but it is much, much closer to it than anything he has been offered in the past. It’s enough that I don’t have to leave home to work outside (I have some things lined up to work inside the home) and it is a “line” position (executive/management) rather than a “staff” position. They are a solid company which has been growing 21% every year for the past 12 years…so we think it is a good, long term prospect.

They will overnight a written job offer with particulars on Monday, and since their industry convention starts on Monday, he wouldn’t be starting for two weeks (until August 10, hence the cautious optimism).

We appreciate all your prayers and thoughts in our behalf, and look forward to our new adventure.

We applied for a Board of Governor’s waiver for DS17 and DD16 at our junior college

It pays tuition, but (a) it is on a sliding scale, so there isn’t a 100% guarantee and (b) they don’t tell you in advance how much it is, you just have to register for classes and be surprised when you go to check out and pay.

So I just registered DD16.

HOLY COW !! 95% !!!
Her total tuition costs were $40 for a full load.
Truly blessed. Can’t wait to see what DS17’s is going to be when he registers on Aug 1 (presuming he can actually get into classes by then!)